Upcoming Event: Postgraduate Pre-Conference: 9 April 2018

For postgraduate students in the UK, the British Sociological Association’s Postgraduate Forum is now taking registrations. This year’s forum focuses on personal and practical challenges related to becoming a member of the academic community. 

Personal and Practical Challenges: Becoming a Member of the Academic Community

9 April 2018
Northumbria University, UK

This event is centered on the theme of personal and practical problems faced during postgraduate study and will draw from the core themes of the main BSA Annual Conference. We will be focusing on postgraduate community, solidarity, equality and intersectionality.

Professor Peter Hopkins – Newcastle University
Professor Peter Hopkins’ research draws attention to the ways in which various forms of discrimination and marginalisation shape people’s lives. He has previously served as the Academic Director of the ESRC North Doctoral Training Centre and as the Postgraduate Director for the School for Geography, Politics and Sociology.
Professor Yvette Taylor – University of Strathclyde
Professor Yvette Taylor is the author of “Feeling Academic in the NeoLiberal University: Feminist Flights, Fights and Failures” (2018). Her research explores the areas of inequality, class, religion, gender and sexuality.
Dr. Kim Allen – University of Leeds
Dr. Kim Allen’s talk will tie together both the practical and personal challenges postgraduates face. She will focus on academic identity and community as well as discussing attending and speaking at conferences.

Postgraduate Panel Discussion

Our panelists will discuss a range of personal challenges they have faced during their PhDs, including disability, race and motherhood. Along with the panel, attendees are invited to reflect their own personal journeys and for the panel to take questions from the audience.

Setting up a Student Sociology Journal: Challenges and Opportunities

The Sheffield Student Journal for Sociology will be hosting a workshop covering the very practical challenges postgraduates face in relation to writing and publishing and provide useful tips.

To book, please go to the BSA website.


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