Call for case examples: Culturally responsive approaches to using focus groups

Dr. Jori N. Hall (University of Georgia) is seeking case examples for a book she is writing: Focus Groups: Culturally Responsive Approaches for Qualitative Inquiry and Program Evaluation. The book will take an in-depth look at how culturally responsive focus groups are developed and implemented within the context of qualitative inquiry broadly and program evaluation more specifically.

This forthcoming methodological text aims to draw attention to how focus groups are conceptualized and utilized in ways that are responsive to the uniqueness of participants and contexts. Selected chapters of the book will incorporate real-life examples of how focus groups can be tailored to meet the needs of marginalized communities. To this end, case examples are sought to illustrate how focus groups have been used in culturally responsive ways to attend to multiple subject positions (race, disability, sexual orientation, age, gender, language, etc.) and contexts in which studies are conducted (online communities, organizational settings, non-Western settings, etc.).

Case examples that are unpublished or previously published are invited. Case examples will feature a range of:
• theories (Indigenous, feminist, transformative, participatory, values-driven, deliberative, etc.)
• disciplines (education, nursing, public health, social work, psychology, medicine, science, etc.)
• research/evaluation designs (mixed methods, case study, narrative inquiry, etc.)

For more information on what is required to submit a case and where to send the case description, download the full description here: Culturally Responsive Focus Group Case Example Solicitation

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