10th Narrative Matters Conference – Atlanta, USA – May 11-14, 2020

Narrative and Social and Personal Transformation

Stories are not static. A story is told – in a novel, a movie, a speech, or a conversation – and in the telling, and hearing, things happen. In some way, great or small and for better or worse, moods change, minds change, lives change. Narratives possess power to move us and transform us on several levels of our lives: intellectual, emotional, moral, spiritual, and political. The potential of narrative theory and practice to effect meaningful personal and societal change is chief among the themes that will be covered at the 10th Narrative Matters conference, an interdisciplinary biennial event that brings together scholars and practitioners worldwide to consider the central role of narrative – or story – in our lives and our world.

In the keynotes, workshops, papers, and symposia to be featured at Narrative Matters 2020, such themes will include:

  • narrative and cultural transformation
  • narrative and medicine and healthcare
  • narrative and the struggle for human rights
  • narrative and transformational reminiscence
  • narrative and therapy / personal growth
  • narrative and spiritual development
  • narrative in teaching and learning
  • narrative and qualitative inquiry
  • narrative and the ethics of storytelling
  • narrative and literary theory
  • narrative and technology
  • narrative and media

Early Bird rate through January 1, 2020 – $325
Regular Rate through May 1, 2020 – $395

Opening Reception at Center for Civil and Human Rights on May 12, 2020.

Add-on events:

  • Pre-Conference workshops, space permitting:
    • 3-hour – $75
    • 6-hour – $125
  • Opening Reception – $50

For more information, click HERE 

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