ICQI 2020 Lifetime Achievement and Special Career Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Award Committee for the International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry is pleased to announce the selection of KIM ETHERINGTON as recipient of the 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award in Qualitative Inquiry for his lifetime contributions to the methods, theory, practice, and dissemination of qualitative inquiry.

Professor Etherington is an Emeritus Professor of Narrative and Life Story Research at the University of Bristol. She is also a senior accredited counsellor and supervisor, Fellow of BACP and accredited EMDR practitioner with EMDR UK and Europe. She has worked part-time for the University of Bristol since 1995 alongside my private therapy practice. Over the course of her career, she has offered academic and clinical supervision, consultancy, and training in voluntary and statutory organisations across the UK and presented workshops and seminars in New Zealand, Malta, South Africa, Crete, and the USA. Invited keynote speeches and conference presentations have taken her to Canada, Ireland, the USA, and across the UK. She has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, 11 book chapters, 3 edited collections and 7 sole-authored books, including the forthcoming Trauma Stories, 2007’s Trauma, drug misuse and transforming identities; a life story approach, and Becoming a reflexive researcher: Using our selves in research, published in 2004. These publications reflect Professor Etherington’s passion for linking practice with research and writing write with an emancipatory purpose using a style of writing that is accessible by academics, practitioners and clients, and the general public. She currently lives near her family in the heart of England, in an old farmhouse beside a river in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. There she offers EMDR therapy to those experiencing the impact of childhood trauma and mentoring and support to doctoral and master’s candidates who are interested in creative, reflexive, collaborative research such as narrative inquiry, and autoethnography, and other arts-based approaches.


The Lifetime Achievement Award Committee for the International Congress for Qualitative inquiry is equally pleased to announce CÉSAR A. CISNEROS PUEBLA and STACY HOLMAN JONES as recipients of the Special Career Award in Qualitative Inquiry, which recognizes dedication and contributions to qualitative research, teaching, and practice.

Dr. César A. Cisneros Puebla is well known to our Congress, and internationally.  He received his Ph.D. from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 1992, and since 1997 has served as Professor and Researcher at UNAM Metro, in Mexico City.  He taught Qualitative Data Analysis at the first three Congresses in Urbana and has been a regular presence ever since.  He has been a Symposium or Conference organizer of over 30 conferences, has served on the editorial boards of over 15 journals, has presented papers or invited addresses to over 110 meetings and conferences, and has published over 45 journal articles.  Cesar has played a leadership role in carrying the messages of qualitative data analysis to international audiences in Canada, Europe, South America, and Central America. This leadership is reflected in his election as President of the International Association. Additionally, he has received or participated as a member of many grants from national and international agencies, to use qualitative analysis for the investigation of health, education, social justice, and many other issues.  Cesar is a valued member and leader of our international community, and it is a pleasure to bestow this Special Career Award in Qualitative Inquiry, for dedication and contributions to qualitative research, teaching, and practice.

Professor Stacy Holman Jones is an accomplished scholar and charismatic pioneer who has defined and expanded our intersectional, queer, diverse world in her scholarship, teaching, performance, team-building, leadership, and personality.  Since receiving her Ph.D. from the University of Texas, Austin, in 2001, she has served on the faculties of the University of South Florida (2001-2011), California State University, Northridge (2011-2014), and since 2015 at Monash University.  She is known to this Congress through her performance ethnographies and prodigious work.  She is the author of Torch Singing (Altamira, 2007) and Kaleidoscope Notes (Altamira, 1998), and co-author of Autoethnography with Tony E. Adams and Carolyn Ellis (Oxford, 2014), Writing for Performance with Anne Harris (Sense, 2016), Queering Families, Schooling Publics with Anne Harris, Sandra Faulkner and Eloise Brook (Routledge, 2017), Queering Autoethnography with Anne Harris, recipient of an honorable mention for the ICQI Qualitative Book award (Lexington, 2019), The Queer Life of Things with Anne Harris (Lexington 2019) and very importantly the co-editor of Handbook of Autoethnography (Left Coast Press, 2013, 2nd edition 2020). She is also co-editor of Stories of Home: Place, Identity, Exile with Devika Chawla (Lexington, 2015), and Creative Selves / Creative Cultures with Marc Pruyn (Palgrave, 2017).  In addition, Professor Holman Jones has authored or co-authored 31 journal articles, 27 book chapters, and 54 keynote addresses, invited lectures, residencies, or panels.  She has expanded the boundaries, audiences, and constituencies for performance ethnography, to include such topics as serious mental disorders, building resilience for transgender youth, forgiveness, STEAM-rich teacher education, borderline personality disorder, socially-engaged feminism, disadvantaged schools, homophobia, working-class culture, intercultural dialogue, LGBTI youth, digital play/creative citizenship, memory work, enhancing selves of youth with mental illness.  She has served as President of the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry from 2015-2018 and has served the Congress in many ways, including as the convenor of the autoethnography SIG since 2015.  She is a respected and valued member of our community, and so it is a great honor to award her with this Special Award in Qualitative Inquiry, for dedication and contributions to qualitative research, teaching, and service.

Previous recipients of this award include Harry F. Wolcott (2010), Robert Stake (2011), and Patricia Leavy (2015).




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