LOVE, Unity, Peace, & Hope 1st Sino-American Non-governmental Public Forum Series on International Collaboration in an Era of Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most dangerous challenges facing the world. Out of the more than 200 affected countries, the U.S. has suffered the greatest number of infections and mortalities.  In addition, America is facing the legacy of a long history of racism, and protests against police brutality, though important, have made the public health situation even more challenging. Our humanity is facing many unprecedented challenges: the pandemic,  racism, conflicts, poverty……Such challenging times call for LOVE, UNITY, PEACE, and HOPE.

Themed Love, Unity, Peace, & Hope: For the Betterment of the Global Village, the forum will garner a wide array of speakers who can speak on their personal impetus to innovative concepts, projects, and ways of thinking on these issues. It is our hope that through having ongoing dialogues and conversations, we will together help making the global village a better place. 

Please mark your calendar and join us in this meaningful event! We are also looking for  English-Chinese oral translator volunteers! So please also help us spread the news by forwarding this invitation/call to your friends, students, colleagues, family members, and whoever will be interested. For more details, please see the Flier

July 4th-October 17th, 2020

Online  live video talk

15 weeks, 16 talks

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