Call for papers: Journal of Multicultural Education

Special Issue: Educational Legacies of the Pandemic

What will be the legacy of the pandemic? In the years to come, what changes will have had their origins in the past year of remote learning? Will we be able to say that massive school closures and distance learning have helped us learn to make our schools more responsive and welcoming to marginalized students? Will our pedagogies have become more inclusive and empowering? Will we have had the courage to re-examine the structures of schooling? Will the landscape of education be one where students feel empowered to create their own futures?

The seeds of the long term answers to these questions are being sown now, and this special issue will seek to nurture a future where we can be proud of the responses we have created.

We can begin by recognizing that we are faced with multiple pandemics (Peters et al 2020); the health crisis is compounded by economic strife, social oppression, and unequal access to education. Educators have had to navigate difficult new methods of planning, instruction, management, and relationship building. Still, spaces of hope have opened as educators challenge long-held norms and rules; testing, grading practices, class structures, school operations, they have all been open to experimentation.

We are soliciting articles from researchers and practitioners that describe the resourcefulness, flexibility, and creativity of educators, as well as raise the voices of students to tell the story of education. Articles will be sought that:

·       Share portraits of the flexibility and resourcefulness of teachers & educators

·       Describe hard learned lessons educators have realized in their work during the pandemic

·       Theoretical pieces that imagine new ways of empowering students, building school communities, and fostering education.

·       Highlight the voices of students as they experience the challenges of remote learning

·       Imagine a post-pandemic future that builds on the challenges faced and lessons learned during this period

Contributions can be theoretical or empirical research that foregrounds the voices of those have engaged in the work of education during the pandemic. This can include educators, students, parents, academics, and community leaders. We welcome contributions that explore ‘education’ in all of its contexts, including P-16 and other settings.

Submission Instructions
The deadline for submitting papers is August 15, 2021. Journal submissions should be made through the journal website

Submissions should be approximately 3000 to 6000 words in length with references in the Harvard style. More author guidelines for submission can be found here.

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