Call for Papers: The Journal of Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education

Special Issue of The Journal of Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education: Studies of Migration, Integration, Equity, and Cultural Survival (DIME)

Asian Diaspora Theorizing: Defying Racism~Re-imagining Alternate Nows~Invigorating Otherwise Futures

Editors: Ming Fang He, Suniti Sharma, Min Yu

This special issue aims to feature the cutting-edge work of Asian diaspora educational workers who engage in diaspora theorizing wherein we rememorize our diaspora histories and critically examine ourselves, our works, and our lives to defy racism, re-imagine alternate nows, and invigorate otherwise futures. We live in a historical moment when white supremacy, anti-Black/anti-Latinx/anti-Indigeneity/anti-Asian/anti-People of Color/anti-diaspora racism and pandemics, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, and settler colonialism are perpetuated by hatred of differences. We live on the land that has perpetuated in history anti-Asian violence over 200 years, anti-Black violence over 400 years, and anti-Indigeneity violence over 500 years. Amidst escalating hate crimes and terrorizing violence, hate marches, mass shootings, increased bigotry, historical and systemic violence against minorities, and immigration concentration camps in the midst of pandemics–“health care, economic, climate, and educational disparities” (Ladson-Billings, 2021, p. 68), we engage in Asian diaspora theorizing.

Projected Timeline
• 3-page proposal due by October 15, 2022
• Proposal decisions made by October 31, 2022
• Full-length essays (with 6000-8000 word limit each) due by January 31, 2023
• First round peer-review completed by April 30, 2023
• Second round peer-review completed by June 30, 2023
• Publication by Fall 2023

View the full call here 

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