Call for papers: Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning

Capacity building to support online, digital and blended education

Online learning has emerged rapidly and is now found in every area of education. More students and learners than ever before learn through online courses and using digital tools. Even where teaching is carried out in schools or on campuses, digital tools and online interactions have become key to a blended learning experience.

The difficulties faced by many learners and educators when forced to move online without adequate preparation during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrate the need for local and national capacity building. Those who work in education or training at any level – as educators, managers or other related professionals – need support to develop new skills and understanding as they move from a classroom-based approach to online, blended or digital learning. Opportunities for high-quality professional development enable individuals and teams to make the right decisions, benefit from opportunities, and overcome common challenges. These opportunities also enable and support developments in organisational infrastructure that make successful online, digital and blended education possible.

Open Learning is seeking journal articles for consideration in a special issue on opportunities for and the impact of capacity building in these areas. The issue will cover changes in organisation infrastructure designed to support these education practices; opportunities for professional development at institutional or national level; training in innovative teaching practices facilitated by technology; computer-assisted assessment; development needs of students and/or staff; subject-specific initiatives; resource development; impact of communities of practice and / or support networks; and opportunities for rethinking education and promoting innovation.


Papers submitted to the issue should focus on online, digital or blended learning settings. Potential themes include but are not limited to:

  • Technology / tools and their effectiveness
  • Pedagogical practices and their effectiveness
  • Professional development and its impact
  • Capacity-building initiatives and their impact
  • Assessment
  • Learning design and course development
  • Teaching STEM courses at a distance
  • Creating engaging and interactive courses
  • Developing students’ self-regulation and online study skills
  • Developing analytics to support learners
  • Enhancing teaching and learning

Manuscript deadline: 28 April, 2023

For more information, see the CALL

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