Call for articles: Professing Education Journal

The Professing Education Journal invites proposals for manuscripts for its forthcoming special issue on bad faith in education and society. Entitled, No, This Is America: Interrogating Bad Faith Narratives, Epistemologies of Ignorance, Grammars of Violence, and Selective Racial Memories in a Post-Truth, Post-Shame, and Post-Accountable United States, the special issue seeks to illuminate the manifestations of bad faith in the U.S. and explicate how what constitutes antiblackness, setter colonization, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, xenophobia, ableism, and classism are informed, operationalized, and machinated by bad faith. Additionally, the special issue will pay special attention to how to counter these logics in the 21st-century digital age.

The Guest Editors welcome and encourage submissions from emerging faculty of color, as well as graduate students whose work primarily lies at the intersections of Teacher Education and/or: Black Studies, Indigenous Studies, Ethnic Studies, Curriculum Studies, Critical Disability Studies, Cultural Studies, Queer Studies, Environmental Studies, Communication, and Rhetorical Studies, Critical Race Theory, Feminist Thought, and Popular Culture.

Specific subtopics may include, but are not limited to:

  • The exploration of bad faith, ignorance, and selective memory regarding objectivity and the definition of “truth” within K-12 textbooks and curriculum
  • The juxtaposition of free speech, academic freedom, anti-intellectualism, cancel culture, and the censorship of critical conversations about race, gender, and sexuality in the classroom
  • The politicization of Critical Race Theory and Critical Gender Studies within education through the manufactured fear and moral panic of civil society
  • The proliferation and amplification of (mis/dis)information and political labeling through mass media and extremist online social movements
  • “Podcast culture,” objective debates, and alleged “expertise” in the pursuit of truth
  • The Great Replacement Theory, political violence, and feigning victimhood
  • The convergence of bad faith, violence, (Black) misery, racial capitalism, and advocacy democracy
  • Bad faith, white mythology, post-racialism, and the “narrative arc of redemption” (Wilderson, 2020)
  • School shootings, school safety, capitalism, and the “hardening” of schools through increased technologies of surveillance and policing
  • Suspending the damage of bad faith, ignorance, and racial gaslighting in education and society
  • Ecological precarity, racial capitalism, and individualized discourses of “saving the planet”

If you are interested, please submit a ~500-word proposal containing the following: (a) tentative manuscript title, (b) author(s)’ name(s), affiliation(s), and email(s), and (c) a summary of the key issues regarding bad faith narratives, epistemologies of ignorance, grammars of violence, and selective racial memories in U.S. schooling and society or questions the paper will address by the March 3, 2023 deadline. The full call can be viewed here.

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