Translating academic writing into trade books

Academic writers typically orient their writing to readers like themselves: other academics used to the jargon associated with any particular discipline. Yet some scholars manage to traverse the divide between the ivory tower and the general public and produce readable, enjoyable, and educational explanations of their topics of interest in the form of trade books. … Continue reading Translating academic writing into trade books

Writing up qualitative research in ways that readers want to read

What keeps readers of academic writing engaged? We have all likely yawned our way through research reports, or worse — stopped reading altogether. Since time is limited and attention spans are getting shorter, academic writers must be able to attract and retain a hold on their readers’ attention if their work has to have any … Continue reading Writing up qualitative research in ways that readers want to read

On developing stylish academic writing

Every now and again, you come across a book that you wish you had read years ago. Stylish academic writing by a literary scholar and poet, Helen Sword (2012), is one of these. I really wish I had read this when I first went to college. This book would have saved me much heartache, although … Continue reading On developing stylish academic writing

Tools for writing up qualitative research

There are numerous guides on writing, as well as resources to assist with the task of writing up qualitative research studies. Both writers and qualitative researchers have lots to say about getting started with writing, keeping writing, and representing the findings of qualitative research. Some time ago, I listened to a webinar entitled “Lose the … Continue reading Tools for writing up qualitative research

Getting started with grant writing

This week, I welcome guest blogger, Judith Brauer, a Ph.D. student in the Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methodologies program at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. In this post, Judith discusses the process entailed in writing proposals to seek funding for research, and provides further resources.  

Finding inspiration for academic writing

For anyone pursuing a scholarly career – whether as a student researcher or faculty member – it is always a challenge to develop a consistent and productive writing practice. Even though we may start out the academic year with good intentions, life sometimes just gets in the way, and completion of writing projects gets delayed … Continue reading Finding inspiration for academic writing

Memo writing as a way of being a researcher

In teaching qualitative data analysis, I’ve found that students are frequently surprised at the value of “memo writing.” This is perhaps because memo writing is frequently seen as an additional step in the process off data analysis that takes time out from the work of analyzing data. Yet, memo writing can serve an important role … Continue reading Memo writing as a way of being a researcher