Designing studies using walking interviews

For researchers exploring research questions to do with space, place, and people’s mobility and everyday routines, walking interviews can be a useful method. Although going along with participants during daily activities and asking them questions about activities and routines has long been part of an anthropologist’s toolkit, there has been a surge in interest and … Continue reading Designing studies using walking interviews

“Orwell’s Roses”: A Rhizomatic Journey

Writers outside higher education make use of the same methods used by qualitative researchers – those of participant observation, interviewing and document analysis. In her book Orwell’s Roses, Rebecca Solnit (2021) used these methods, along with a rhizomatic thought process (p. 125) to explore the connections emanating from author George Orwell’s mention of planting roses … Continue reading “Orwell’s Roses”: A Rhizomatic Journey

Asian Critical Race Theory as an Analytical Framework

This week's guest blogger is Ji Hyun Hong, who is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Georgia in Language and Literacy Education. Ji Hyun is a transnational Korean who has been traveling back and forth between Korea and the United States since the age of seven. Her continued experiences with racism in the U.S … Continue reading Asian Critical Race Theory as an Analytical Framework

Call for proposals: Critical questions in education symposium

Critical Questions in Education Symposium The Academy for Educational Studies invites your participation in the 2022 Critical Questions in Education Symposium to be held in Denver, Colorado, October 24—26, 2022 at the Sonesta Denver Downtown Hotel. The final deadline for submitting proposals is July 25, 2022. The conference will gather to explore how, and in what ways, “stories” about … Continue reading Call for proposals: Critical questions in education symposium

Resources for teaching feminist theory

For anyone revising syllabi for next semester, the journal Signs provides lots of resources for teaching feminist theory and #feminist resistance. The Feminist Public Intellectuals Project includes: Short takes -- discussions of current books on gender, feminism, and sexuality. Feminist frictions -- essays on current concepts and controversies; and Ask a feminist -- a podcast … Continue reading Resources for teaching feminist theory

Examining Interviews in Cinematic Society

We mostly think of interviews as question-answer sequences. Because of the ubiquity of “interviews” in contemporary society —job interviews, clinical interviews, research interviews, journalistic interviews, and more —we tend to take what an interview is at face value. Sometimes, however, interviews are not really interviews at all. Such is the case of what was known … Continue reading Examining Interviews in Cinematic Society

Call for Papers: Cultural Studies ←→ Critical Methodologies

Special issue: Ukraine, a Decolonizing Global Response: Call to Action for Coalition Building through Inclusive Inquiry and Practices Editors: Anna S. CohenMiller (Nazarbayev University) & Nettie Boivin (University of Jyväskylä) Background to the special call for papersWithin the Ukrainian situation, there is a great need to understand, amplify voice and agency, identify insights and highlight … Continue reading Call for Papers: Cultural Studies ←→ Critical Methodologies

Designing interview studies

When researchers design qualitative interview studies they make a range of decisions. These decisions relate to pre- and post- elements of a study and impact what happens during the conduct of a study. This infographic represents decision points arranged in five areas. Although presented linearly, answering these questions can occur concurrently. It is important for … Continue reading Designing interview studies

Call for proposals: 2023 International Symposium on Autoethnography and Narrative (ISAN)

2023 International Symposium on Autoethnography and Narrative (ISAN) January 2-5, 2023 Given the continued prevalence of Covid-19, travel restrictions, rising international conflict, and the uncertain financial constraints faced by many scholars and organizations, the 2023 ISAN will continue as a fully online event. The symposium will occur via Zoom on January 2-5, 2023. Eastern Standard … Continue reading Call for proposals: 2023 International Symposium on Autoethnography and Narrative (ISAN)

Call for papers: Learning Landscapes

Education in a Pivotal Time: The Moment for Inspiration, Innovation, and Change We are welcoming manuscripts for the Spring 2023 publication about innovative and inspiring research and practices at any level of education. We are anticipating articles which open possibilities for inclusive, equitable and socially just spaces for teaching, learning, and change. We encourage submissions … Continue reading Call for papers: Learning Landscapes