About the author

Kathryn Roulston is a Professor in the Qualitative Research Program in the Mary Frances Early College of Education at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, where she teaches qualitative research methods. Her research interests include qualitative research methods, qualitative interviewing, and analyses of talk-in-interaction. She is the author of Interviewing: A guide to theory and practice (2022), editor of Interactional studies of qualitative interviews (2019), and with Kathleen deMarrais co-authored Exploring the archives: A beginner’s guide for qualitative researchers (2021). She has contributed chapters to Sage handbooks on interview research, qualitative data analysis, qualitative data collection, and qualitative research design as well as articles to Qualitative Research, Qualitative Inquiry, International Journal of Research and Method in Education, International Journal of Qualitative Methods and other journals. In her spare time, she enjoys textile arts, including hand-dyeing, spinning, and weaving.

Her books include:

Roulston, K. (2022). Interviewing: A guide to theory and practice. Sage.

Roulston, K. & deMarrais, K. (2021). Exploring the archives: A beginner’s guide for qualitative researchers. Myers Education Press. Outstanding Book Award, The Society of Professors of Education, 2022; 2022 Critics Choice Book Award, American Educational Studies Association.

Roulston, K. (ed.). (2019). Interactional studies of qualitative research interviews. John Benjamins Publishing Company: Amsterdam and Philadelphia.

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