Triangulation in qualitative research

“Triangulation” is a term that is frequently mentioned in publications of qualitative studies. Typically, scholars mention “triangulation” in discussions to do with how the “quality” or “validity” of a study might be assured (e.g., Seale, 1999; Tracy, 2010). Where did the term “triangulation” come from, and how did it come to be used in qualitative … Continue reading Triangulation in qualitative research

Two pieces of advice in conducting qualitative research

One year when I had not done such a great job of scheduling my time, I found myself writing my conference paper the week before the conference. Have you been there? (Hopefully not!) My panic increased as I kept reading more and more literature that informed the argument that I was making (while failing to … Continue reading Two pieces of advice in conducting qualitative research

New Year’s Intentions

Happy New Year for 2018! I gave up making new year’s resolutions several years ago… but this year, I am borrowing the idea of “new year’s intentions” from tapestry artist Rebecca Mezoff. Here are a few things that I want to remind myself of throughout the year -- rather than abandon by the end of January!  … Continue reading New Year’s Intentions