Learning to be a better writer

William Germano’s (2021) book, “On revision: The only writing that counts” is a wonderful addition to an academic writer's library. In seven chapters, Germano advises writers on how to think about “revision”—the process by which we all some of us many of us struggle to make our writing clearer and develop stronger arguments. For anyone … Continue reading Learning to be a better writer

Visiting International Fellowship: University of Surrey

The Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom, has a long-established Visiting International Fellowship (VIF) scheme which aims to develop links with international scholars who should be at least 5 years post-doctorate. The Fellowship is an exciting opportunity for scholars to collaborate with members of the Department, contribute to its academic … Continue reading Visiting International Fellowship: University of Surrey

Designing studies using walking interviews

For researchers exploring research questions to do with space, place, and people’s mobility and everyday routines, walking interviews can be a useful method. Although going along with participants during daily activities and asking them questions about activities and routines has long been part of an anthropologist’s toolkit, there has been a surge in interest and … Continue reading Designing studies using walking interviews