Academic Writing Month: AcWriMo 2018

In case you missed it, November is Academic Writing month! Even though this starts at the beginning of the month, there’s still time to get started and keep going. And if you don't have others in your locale to support your writing, there are plenty of resources to be found. Here are a few... Emerald … Continue reading Academic Writing Month: AcWriMo 2018

Responding to peer review

Every now and again, I receive a peer review from an anonymous reviewer that makes me want to give up writing. Fortunately, this does not happen too often, otherwise I may have given up writing a long time ago (some reviewers are tough!). In the most recent instance in which this occurred, I printed out … Continue reading Responding to peer review

Finishing touches for the academic writer

A while back I was consulting a book called Finishing touches for the Handweaver by Virginia M. West. This book provides instructions for how to finish handwoven fabrics using various hemstitching and fringes. I consulted the section on ladder hemstitching in order to complete the stitching needed for the hems of the towels I was … Continue reading Finishing touches for the academic writer

Influential qualitative researchers: Laurel Richardson

Sociologist Laurel Richardson is well-known for her writing about writing. In numerous texts, she provides plenty for students of qualitative research to think about (Richardson, 1990; Richardson, 1994b; Richardson & St. Pierre, 2005), along with practical suggestions for how writing is a “method of inquiry.” Richardson also proposes the use of “creative analytic practices” or … Continue reading Influential qualitative researchers: Laurel Richardson

What do journal editors want?

When a manuscript is rejected by a journal editor, it is easy to feel discouraged, and even give up on a manuscript altogether. Don't despair! Another question to ask is:  what is it that journal editors want? In fact, rather than being a mystery, there is much insight into what journal editors want to be … Continue reading What do journal editors want?

Two pieces of advice in conducting qualitative research

One year when I had not done such a great job of scheduling my time, I found myself writing my conference paper the week before the conference. Have you been there? (Hopefully not!) My panic increased as I kept reading more and more literature that informed the argument that I was making (while failing to … Continue reading Two pieces of advice in conducting qualitative research

Publishing qualitative research

A study is not really completed until it is published and available to others to read. But how do researchers begin to publish? In this blogpost, I provide some ideas and resources to help with navigating the journey from a publishable manuscript to a published manuscript.  Entering the conversation How does one enter a discussion … Continue reading Publishing qualitative research

Finding inspiration for academic writing

For anyone pursuing a scholarly career – whether as a student researcher or faculty member – it is always a challenge to develop a consistent and productive writing practice. Even though we may start out the academic year with good intentions, life sometimes just gets in the way, and completion of writing projects gets delayed … Continue reading Finding inspiration for academic writing

“Qualitative researchers need to be storytellers”

This is what Harry Wolcott (1994, p. 17) asserts in his book on qualitative data analysis. What are strategies that one might use to tell the story of one’s research? Whatever approach one selects to use in a qualitative study, the end product will typically be a written report on the research study. This might … Continue reading “Qualitative researchers need to be storytellers”

10 Suggestions for Summer-time things to do in qualitative inquiry

For those in the northern hemisphere it is summer time, and some qualitative researchers have extra time to do things that are difficult to squeeze into a regular semester. Here are suggestions for 10 fun things to do... Visit an archives to look at the documentation left by other researchers I recently spent some time … Continue reading 10 Suggestions for Summer-time things to do in qualitative inquiry