Recently published qualitative studies

Below I provide introductions to recently published books that teach readers about human experiences from people whose voices have seldom been examined in scholarly literature.  In each study, researchers who were not members of the communities examined worked to collaborate with others to tell the stories of people who have frequently been marginalized in academic … Continue reading Recently published qualitative studies

Using Screencasts in Teaching Qualitative Research

In the final course of the graduate Interdisciplinary Certificate in Qualitative Studies program at the University of Georgia, students learn about best practices for teaching qualitative research. One of the assignments is for students to teach a qualitative research concept of their choice by creating a screencast that could be integrated into a larger lesson … Continue reading Using Screencasts in Teaching Qualitative Research

Getting started with grant writing

This week, I welcome guest blogger, Judith Brauer, a Ph.D. student in the Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methodologies program at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. In this post, Judith discusses the process entailed in writing proposals to seek funding for research, and provides further resources.   If you are a graduate student or work in … Continue reading Getting started with grant writing

Influential qualitative researchers: Laurel Richardson

Sociologist Laurel Richardson is well-known for her writing about writing. In numerous texts, she provides plenty for students of qualitative research to think about (Richardson, 1990; Richardson, 1994b; Richardson & St. Pierre, 2005), along with practical suggestions for how writing is a “method of inquiry.” Richardson also proposes the use of “creative analytic practices” or … Continue reading Influential qualitative researchers: Laurel Richardson

Upcoming Event: Postgraduate Pre-Conference: 9 April 2018

For postgraduate students in the UK, the British Sociological Association's Postgraduate Forum is now taking registrations. This year's forum focuses on personal and practical challenges related to becoming a member of the academic community.  Personal and Practical Challenges: Becoming a Member of the Academic Community 9 April 2018 Northumbria University, UK This event is centered … Continue reading Upcoming Event: Postgraduate Pre-Conference: 9 April 2018