Navigating the doctoral journey

There are numerous texts that provide a guide for students to how to navigate a doctoral program and how supervisors might work with doctoral students. For example, Pat Thomson and Melanie Walker have edited separate handbooks (2010; 2010) for doctoral students and their supervisors. One recent text by Lene Tanggaard and Charlotte Wegener (2017) provides … Continue reading Navigating the doctoral journey

Recently published qualitative studies

One of the bonuses of teaching qualitative research is getting to read examples of  how researchers design and conduct very different studies using different theoretical approaches. This past semester, I used several recently published studies with one of my qualitative research classes. These three qualitative studies demonstrate recent studies that use narrative inquiry, phenomenology, and … Continue reading Recently published qualitative studies

Conducting qualitative interviews: The gap between prescriptions and practice

Over the past year I have been examining archival records from the administration of the Federal Writers’ Project, a work relief scheme undertaken as part of the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s in the United States. I have been struck by the disparities in how different people enacted instructions provided to them with respect … Continue reading Conducting qualitative interviews: The gap between prescriptions and practice