Digital Tools for Teaching

There are numerous digital tools available to use in teaching. Here are some that my students and I have used and recommended. Prices are accurate as of 11/9/2022, although some subscriptions are currently discounted. What do you use? Add your favorite tools in the comment box below. ToolApplicationURLPlatformCostClassroom response apps & surveysSurvey MonkeyAdministering surveys & … Continue reading Digital Tools for Teaching

Qualitative Research Design

Uwe Flick (Freie Universität, Berlin) completes his set of handbooks on qualitative research this year with the publication of the two-volume set, The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research Design (Flick, 2022a, 2022b). At over 1,200 pages, this volume is much larger than either of the two prior handbooks on qualitative data collection (Flick, 2018) and … Continue reading Qualitative Research Design

Drawing on popular culture to teach qualitative research methods

As we end another year and prepare for a new one, many people will likely be revising their course syllabi for teaching qualitative research methods in 2022. If you need a bit of inspiration, here are some ideas from a range of scholars on how to incorporate popular media in teaching qualitative research. Enjoy! Comics … Continue reading Drawing on popular culture to teach qualitative research methods

Assistant Professor of Qualitative Research

The Qualitative Research Program in the Department of Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy at the University of Georgia invites applications for the position of tenure track Assistant Professor with expertise in qualitative research methodologies to begin in August 2022. The Qualitative Research Program offers a Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Studies (IQS) (, which is offered … Continue reading Assistant Professor of Qualitative Research

Tips for teaching online

Do you suddenly find yourself teaching online due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you need some support? Some ideas?  For teachers who suddenly find themselves having to teach online, Dr. Anna Cohen Miller who works at the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan has compiled some excellent tips and strategies. … Continue reading Tips for teaching online

Using screencasts to engage students of qualitative research

For those of you teach online, you know that it takes a good deal of work to create engaging screencasts that your students will enjoy watching. Creating a screencast is an assignment that I set for students in one of the courses I teach. I am always amazed by the creativity displayed in these screencasts. … Continue reading Using screencasts to engage students of qualitative research

Teaching qualitative inquiry

Historically, a range of approaches has been used to teach qualitative research methods. This includes approaches in which students learn by “trial and error” in field settings (e.g., one can read accounts in the work of anthropologists of how scholars learned by doing); are “apprenticed” to a senior scholar, and tend to follow the traditions … Continue reading Teaching qualitative inquiry

Considering the ontological properties of a research phenomenon

Recently, I was using a different lens on my camera to take photos around my garden. Although I should not have been too surprised, I was amazed to see just how different things looked through a new lens. What I took to be an "ordinary" piece of moss was hardly recognizable to me when viewed … Continue reading Considering the ontological properties of a research phenomenon

Greeting the new academic year

I have enjoyed a summer that has included time for family, travel, and writing. All this has ended as I have started classes this week. Here are reminders to myself as I head into the new academic year… What are yours? 1. Entertain questions from newcomers who do not have any background to the topics … Continue reading Greeting the new academic year

Navigating the doctoral journey

There are numerous texts that provide a guide for students to how to navigate a doctoral program and how supervisors might work with doctoral students. For example, Pat Thomson and Melanie Walker have edited separate handbooks (2010; 2010) for doctoral students and their supervisors. One recent text by Lene Tanggaard and Charlotte Wegener (2017) provides … Continue reading Navigating the doctoral journey