Call for papers: The Science and Art of Value in Healthcare: Measures, Voices and Methods

Frontiers in Public Health is a multidisciplinary open-access journal which publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research and is at the forefront of disseminating and communicating scientific knowledge and impactful discoveries to researchers, academics, clinicians, policy makers and the public worldwide. The journal aims at overcoming current fragmentation in research and publication, promoting consistency in pursuing relevant scientific themes, and supporting finding dissemination and translation into practice.


The concepts of patient value and patient experience are cornerstones of medical care, healthcare delivery and population health. We must have a better understanding of what creates and sustains high value for patients, clinicians, purchasers, and delivery systems. This includes how to measure and assess value in healthcare, and how innovation, efficiency, and care redesign can improve value.

The overarching goal of this Research Topic is to provide a diverse forum where patients, clinicians, researchers, and representatives of programs and systems can have an interdisciplinary conversation on the notion of “value” in healthcare. We anticipate the issue will inform global efforts to re-conceptualize and improve value in healthcare for general populations, and for specific, under-served populations and groups including veterans, people living with disabilities, people living with chronic health conditions, immigrants and migrants, stigmatized individuals and groups, and people living in rural areas – as well as the diverse clinicians, programs, and systems that serve them. This Research Topic seeks diverse responses to several questions — Are there better ways to define, understand, measure and evaluate value in medical care and healthcare? What does patient value mean to the organization, delivery and financing of care? How can we apply new notions and data about value to improve programs, policies and practice?

We seek a range of paper types: Original Research, innovative methods, experiments in policy and practice, as well as Systematic Reviews, Brief Research Reports, Case Reports, Community Case Studies, empirical or conceptual papers, and evidence-based opinion. We seek a diversity of authors – including patients, locations (US and global), populations, research methods, and types of care. Themes we would like you to address:

• Value of healthcare from patient, clinician, and community or system perspectives

• Conceptual and empirical papers providing a new lens on healthcare value

• Use of wide range of qualitative and participatory arts-based methods to illuminate patient and clinical perspectives on value for practice, research and education

• Experiences of “under-served” populations – e.g., individuals living with disabilities or chronic health conditions, migrants, and rural populations and providers/programs that serve them

• Examples of hospital and system improvement efforts that engage patients and/or clinicians in identifying gaps and solutions, with translation to policy and practice

Papers due May 8, 2021

To submit your article please follow this link

Topic Editors

Pof. Jon Chilingerian, Brandeis University, USA

Dr. Laura S. Lorenz, Brandeis University, USA

Dr. Gala True, Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System, USA

Prof. Stephen E. Chick, INSEAD, France

Dr. Christopher P. Tompkins, Brandeis University, USA

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