International Visual Sociology Association Awards

The International Visual Sociology Association is calling for nominations for visual sociology, visual methodology, and anti-colonial and anti-racism awards. The nominations deadline is MAY 16, 2022.

Awards include:




RIEGER Awards ($1000): for outstanding work in visual sociology by graduate students

PROSSER Award ($1000): for outstanding work in visual methodologies by beginning scholars

ACAR Awards ($1000): for exceptional work in advancing Anti-Colonial and Anti-Racism goals and principles

The IVSA Awards programs differ in terms of eligibility, application materials, and review criteria. To ensure that a nomination package is appropriate and complete, please review the information for each program you are considering on the IVSA Awards Program web page:

AWARDS: Award winners for each IVSA program receive a cash prize of $1000 USD, an invitation to publish digital representations of their work through the IVSA website, and a certificate of merit from the IVSA. Award winners will also receive a fee waiver for the 2022 conference to receive their award and present their work (September 2022 – online) and a complimentary year’s honorary membership in the IVSA.

ELIGIBILITY AND NOMINATIONS: Any active IVSA member can submit a nomination (including a self-nomination) for any of these awards. Nominees do not need to be IVSA members, but they must be nominated by an IVSA member.

Non-members who want to nominate themselves or someone else can do so by first joining the IVSA. Individuals can be nominated or recommended for only one award category each year, for a maximum of two years. Materials submitted to support a second nomination must differ significantly from those submitted for the first, and the differences must be described in the nomination letter.

TO SUBMIT A NOMINATION: All nominations and supplementary materials should be submitted in English (as PDFs or links to a website) through online nomination forms accessed through the members’ section of the IVSA Website.


May 16, 2022: Deadline for submitting nominations

July 2022: Award recipients notified by the IVSA President

September 2022: Awards ceremony at the IVSA Annual Meeting

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