Celebrating award-winning doctoral research

For the final blogpost for 2020, I would like to celebrate the work of Dr. Maureen Flint. The American Education Research Association’s Qualitative Research SIG recently released a podcast episode of Qualitative Conversations in which Dr. Jennifer Wolgemuth (University of South Florida), who is chair of the QR SIG’s Outstanding Dissertation Award committee, interviewed Dr. Maureen Flint, the winner of the 2020 Outstanding Dissertation Award, about her dissertation, Methodological Orientations: College Student Navigations of Race and Place in Higher Education.

You can access the episode directly from the QR SIG AERA page:


or on podomatic:


Dr. Flint’s dissertation also won the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry’s Outstanding Dissertation Award for 2020 (Experimental Category).

Dr. Flint graduated from the University of Alabama (UA). Her doctoral adviser was Dr. Kelly Guyotte, who is the Program Coordinator for Educational Research and Co-Coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of Alabama. Dr. Flint is an Assistant Professor of Qualitative Research at the University of Georgia. Her research interests include race and gender in higher education, qualitative methodologies, and visual and sounded research methods. To read more about her work, her most recent publications include:

Guyotte, K.W., Flint, M., & Latopolski, K. (online first). Cartographies of  belonging: Mapping nomadic narratives of first-year students. Critical Studies in  Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/17508487.2019.1657160 

Flint, M. (2020). Fingerprints and pulp: Nomadic ethics in research practice.  Art/Research International. 5(1), 1-15.  https://journals.library.ualberta.ca/ari/index.php/ari/article/view/29485/21965

Guyotte, K.W., Flint, M., & Shelton, S.A. (2020). Giving up as willful feminist  practice. Gender and Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/09540253.2020.1743821 

Guyotte, K. W., Flint, M., Gilbert, B., Potts, C., Irwin, A., & Bennett, L. (2020).  Meanwhile: Intra-actions with/in a post-qualitative readings class. Qualitative  Inquiry, 26(1), 109-121. https://doi.org/10.1177/1077800419868497 

Wishing readers everywhere good health and happiness for the final days of 2020 and the coming new year. Happy Holidays!

I’ll be taking a break from QualPage for a few weeks and hope you can too.

Disclosure: I’m very fortunate to have Dr. Flint as a colleague, and continue to learn from her.

Kathy Roulston

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