Call for Papers: Journal of Environmental Studies and Science

Critical Energy Literacy: Intersectional Approaches to Research, Pedagogy, and Activism

Manuscript submission deadline: January 31st, 2023

Amidst the growing climate crisis, critically informed understanding of energy sources and associated socioenvironmental impacts is more important than ever. The theory of critical energy literacy was developed in response to such dynamics (Lowan-Trudeau and Fowler, 2022). Critical energy literacy employs an intersectional lens in drawing upon critical and decolonizing approaches to STEM (Bang and Medin 2010; Bullock 2017); considerations for collaborative multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary pedagogy (Bernstein 2015; Choi and Pak 2006); critical place-based inquiry and pedagogy (Gruenewald 2003; Tuck and McKenzie 2015); critical gender perspectives (Gough and Whitehouse 2020; Lloro 2021; Maina-Okori et al. 2018); and critical media literacy and engagement (Kellner and Share 2007; Milstein et al. 2017; Takahashi and Rosenthal 2018) to foster understanding of the social, environmental, political, and economic challenges, benefits, and impacts of various energy sources, developments, and technologies.

For this special issue of the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences (JESS), we seek submissions related to a range of energy sources (e.g., oil and gas, wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, nuclear) and socioenvironmental contexts from other scholar-educator-activists that will expand and deepen our collective understanding of critical energy literacy. We welcome original manuscript submissions from early career and established scholars from a range of disciplinary and sociocultural perspectives that incorporate research, theory, practice, case, and/or community-based insights through conventional prose as well as visual representations such as maps, diagrams, and other illuminating imagery.

View the full call.

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