Academic Writing Month: What are you working on?

Another November is upon us, which means that it is Academic Writing Month, or AcWriMo!

Check out what others are doing on Twitter (#AcWri) and Facebook. Academic writing month was started in 2011 by Charlotte Frost (founder of Phd2Published). Frost devised six relaxed rules that are helpful to review for anyone who has not yet participated in AcWriMo. Read these here.

But what about you? What are some things that might inspire you to write? Will you be learning more about writing? Developing your writing practice? Or perhaps, experimenting with some new writing strategies? If you are stuck… here are some resources to check out…

I’ve recently downloaded Helen Sword’s Writer’s Diet App add-in into Microsoft Word. This helps me avoid some of my writing problems (wordiness, passive voice etc.). Instructors, might want to register for Helen Sword’s free masterclass in how to use the app. To register, click HERE

This month, Sword is hosting a 30-Day writing challenge via YouTube. To learn more, see Remember, it’s never too late to start writing…

If you feel “stuck” in your writing, try some of Mary Beth Averill’s strategies to get your writing unblocked. Click HERE.

Sage Methodspace is hosting a webinar on What do publishing trends mean for academic writers on November 16, 2020. To register, click HERE

The Textbook and Academic Authors Association

hosts tweetchats every Friday. To check the schedule, click HERE (access to TAA’s resources requires membership).

All the best with completing your writing goals this month.

Kathy Roulston

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