Call for papers: Teaching of Psychology

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become increasingly central to our
understanding of the human experience. While awareness and scholarship
about the importance of DEI has grown, expertise involving the most effective
pedagogies for integrating DEI into teaching of psychology has not been widely
disseminated. Teaching of Psychology (ToP) invites submissions for a special
issue on Social Justice Pedagogy: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the
Teaching of Psychology.

Submissions that engage with DEI content and process including, but not limited to, learning objectives, teaching tools and techniques, assessments, managing difficult classroom dynamics, and/or
curriculum considerations, as they relate to the following themes, are especially welcome:

  1. Social justice models and evidence-based practices for incorporating
    diversity and multicultural topics across the psychology curriculum
  2. Inclusive pedagogy that is sensitive to systematically marginalized students
    including innovative approaches to assessment of learning
  3. Racial healing and trauma in the context of teaching and learning in
  4. Effective strategies on how to increase the representation of
    underrepresented faculty and teachers of psychology (e.g., people of color
    or LGBTQIA+) in higher education and other professional activities
  5. Teaching methods that illuminate the psychological underpinnings of racial,
    sexual-orientation, and other biases, bigotry, and prejudices
  6. Provide innovative and thought-provoking paradigm shifts in improving
    educational equity in psychology (e.g., Liberation-based psychology;
    andragogy, etc.)
  7. Decolonization of psychology and the teaching of psychology at all training
    levels from high school to graduate level training
  8. Promotion of increasing diverse population representation in the
    educational processes related to teaching, learning and training of
    psychology and related career paths (e.g., teaching assistant mentoring)
    Note: For all of these topics, we are inviting papers that explicitly discuss
    these ideas relative to teaching.
    Manuscript submissions are due March 1, 2021. All manuscripts
    should be submitted electronically through the ToP submission portal

    Guest Editors
    Delishia M. Pittman, The George Washington University
    Jasmine A. Mena, Bucknell University
    Joaquín Borrego, Pacific University

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