Early career research grant

QSR International is sponsoring an Early Career Research Grant.

Applications deadline 30 November 2021

Often the most innovative research comes from those just starting their careers. As such, QSR International is thrilled to be supporting the next generation of qualitative and mixed method research innovation! We recognize that early career researchers often find it difficult to access research grants as they have to compete with established scholars. This is why QSR has established this grant just for those starting out on their research careers.

The Grant will allow for $25,000 USD in funding over two years to an Early Career Researcher with a project that shows promise and contribution to knowledge. 


The grant is open to any early career researcher from anywhere in the world who satisfies the eligibility criteria below.

To be eligible to apply you must have been awarded your doctorate from 2013 up to and including 2020; must have an academic appointment at an institution of higher education; must have a proposal for a qualitative or mixed method research project; need to have the support of your university’s grants administration; and, research needs to involve the use of NVivo for at least part of the data analysis

It is possible to apply jointly with a colleague, but they must satisfy the eligibility criteria above.

Find out more here: https://bit.ly/3ya7ntr

Silvana di Gregorio, PhD   

Academic Research Director

QSR International (UK) Limited

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