Resources for the year’s end

As we draw to the close of another semester, you might be finding that you have too many things to do in too little time. I can’t give you extra time. Instead, I’ve assembled some resources from academic and writing coaches that provide tips for finding time for the things you love, getting organized, restarting those writing projects, and perhaps some de-stressing. And all the best for finishing up another year…

Academic Coach, Meggin McIntosh’s website has free downloads for making the most of your time:

Emphasis on Excellence

Helen Sword (2007, 2012, 2017) has written numerous books on writing and has a new book on the way (Writing with pleasure). She provides lots of free resources for writers. Check out her collection of digital writing tools and videos.

Academic coach and author Susan Robison (2013) provides numerous newsletters with tips for busy people.

Margy Thomas, founder of Scholar Shape provides the Oracles of Academia Podcast, talking about writing as an epic quest.

If you’ve encountered a writing block and need help to get started, here are tips from writing coach Mary Beth Averill.

And if reading this has made you tired, it is time to take a nap!



Robison, S. (2013). The peak performing professor: A practical guide to productivity and happiness. Jossey-Bass.

Sword, H. (2007). The writer’s diet University of Chicago Press.

Sword, H. (2012). Stylish academic writing. Harvard University Press.

Sword, H. (2017). Air & light & time & space: How successful academics write. Harvard University Press.

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