Exploring Possibilities and Realities: JanJanCoule, the Be-coming Qualitative Research Methodologist

Join the UGA Qualitative Research Program for the UGA QUAL Lab Speaker Series

Monday, January 23rd 12PM – 1PM EST
Zoom link registration: https://bit.ly/UGAQL02

Presented by:

Dr. Janice B Fournillier, Georgia State University

In this talk, I take on the role of Griot, a West African traditional personality.  I adopt this stance because it resonates with my experience as a girl sitting and listening to my great grandmother tell stories by lamp light in the central plains of Gran Couva, Trinidad and Tobago. I tell the stories using memory data, material from my many publications, and my experiences as a be-coming scholar, teacher/learner/facilitator/mentor of students over the years . In so doing I re-examine , reflect on and give honor to my ancestors, the mothers and daughters who taught me and from whom I have learned a lot about what it means to do research and teach about the use and value of qualitative research methodologies. Indeed, it is an opportunity to, in the Sankofa tradition, go back and fetch as I continue the journey as a researcher who teaches and uses qualitative  research methodologies. 

Download the flier:

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