Finding Me in We: Covid, Qualitative Inquiry, and the Necessity of Community

UGA QUAL LAB Speaker Series: Dr. Ginny Boss

Join the UGA Qualitative Research Program for the UGA QUAL Lab Speaker Series

Monday, April 24th, 12PM – 1PM

Zoom link registration:

Presented by:  Dr. Ginny Boss, University of Georgia

During this QUAL LAB, I will discuss a project I worked on titled “Co-Conspirators and Community Care: Toward Theorizing a post-COVID-19 Academy.” The project was a collaborative Scholarly personal narrative (SPN) in which colleagues and I reflected on our own experience of community as healing, transformative, and necessary to sustain our work. We then built on that to theorize that justice rather than interest convergence is the most effective pathway to changing institutional culture, and community care is the radical transdisciplinary perspective needed to eradicate racism and other forms of subordination in the academy. Much of our theorizing was rooted in the transformative and emancipatory approaches currently engaged by faculty with subordinated identities. We argue that the work and community building of faculty with subordinated identities present desirable possibility models for a more just professoriate. I will discuss how self-reflective collaborative inquiry, presented as a first-person composite narrative, has the potential to positively blur the lines of self and community to the benefit of the researchers and readers of the research.

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