Outstanding Book Awards: ICQI 2019

At this year's International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, it was my great honor to present the outstanding book awards. This year, my colleagues Pat Sikes and Ron Pelias and I reviewed 24 nominations for the book award. This was an exceedingly tough competition, as we had so many excellent books to consider. Honorable mentions were … Continue reading Outstanding Book Awards: ICQI 2019

Postcard from the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, 2019

Last weekend I attended the 15th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The theme of this year’s conference was Qualitative Inquiry in Repressive Times. With activities scheduled from Wednesday morning to Saturday evening – as has become expected, there is something for everyone, including a day in Spanish and … Continue reading Postcard from the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, 2019

New books on qualitative research

A second edition of the Sage Qualitative Research Kit, edited by German scholar, Uwe Flick, was published in 2018. Comprised of 10 short volumes, the kit aims to provide a brief introduction to qualitative research. In his introduction to the series, Flick talks about the organization as follows. Although the series could be read in … Continue reading New books on qualitative research

Archiving qualitative data

There has been a good deal of debate about the merits of archiving qualitative data from social sciences projects (Camfield & Palmer-Jones, 2013; Corti, 2000; Corti, Witzel, & Bishop, 2005; Hammersley, 1997; Kuula, 2010/2011; Mauthner, Parry, & Backett-Milburn, 1998; Moore, 2007; Schubotz, Melaugh, & McLoughlin, 2011; van den Berg, 2008). While some argue (e.g., Chauvette, … Continue reading Archiving qualitative data

Tips for reading difficult texts

Elizabeth St. Pierre’s (2011) chapter on post qualitative research talks about reading difficult texts. St. Pierre points out that “we hesitate to read outside our comfort areas and too casually reject texts that seem too hard to read” (p. 614). St. Pierre’s advice to her student is to: take seriously Lacan’s (as cited in Ulmer, … Continue reading Tips for reading difficult texts

Call for abstracts: 4th World Conference on Qualitative Research

The Organizing Committee invites the community to submit abstracts to the 4th World Conference on Qualitative Research, to be held in Porto (Portugal), 16th to 18th October 2019. Authors may submit proposals for presentation of Abstracts which address the objectives and themes of the Conference, including original scientific works addressing the state-of-the-art research and new … Continue reading Call for abstracts: 4th World Conference on Qualitative Research

A research design framework for understanding online conversations

In this week's blog post, Trena Paulus talks about her forthcoming co-authored book on conducting research in online spaces. While the phenomenon itself goes by many names -  social media, discussion forums, computer-mediated communication, online conversations – people have been talking together online now for nearly four decades. Research into what happens in these spaces … Continue reading A research design framework for understanding online conversations

Doing Autoethnography 2020: Call for Participation

Since the inaugural conference in 2011, participants have gathered to present their work, engage in vibrant discussion, and build relationships at Doing Autoethnography conferences. In 2020, the tradition continues. In order to provide autoethnographers (of all experience levels) the opportunity to present their autoethnographic endeavors and encourage dialogue among scholars across a variety of disciplines, … Continue reading Doing Autoethnography 2020: Call for Participation

Call for papers: New Materialisms

The New Materialist Reconfigurations of Higher Education conference will be held from 2-4 December, 2019 at the University of the Western Cape, Capetown, South Africa. Abstracts are due: 30 April 2019. For further information, click New materialism_2019. For the conference website, click here. Following this conference will be the 3rd South African Deleuze and Guattari … Continue reading Call for papers: New Materialisms

Online Professional Development: Photovoice

‘Talking with Pictures’: Photovoice – June 18 – 27, 2019 (5 online sessions, 2 hours each) This online professional development course provides hands-on experience with adapting Photovoice to clinical care, programming, evaluation, and research. Upon completion, participants will have the knowledge, skills and tools to implement their Photovoice Plan. Photovoice is a participatory approach to … Continue reading Online Professional Development: Photovoice